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AFC Baseball


Due to lack of participation and interest, our Winter Classic Baseball Camp has been cancelled. Any sign ups will be notified right away.

2023 Winter Clinic Update

Due to low participation for our planned Sunday clinics, we’ve decided to cancel them for this winter. We’re happy to support our friends at ACES Baseball, and share the information for their upcoming Saturday clinics this season!


9 AM – 3 PM @ AFC Bala Cynwyd

Monday 1/16

Monday 2/20

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Located in AFC Fitness Bala Cynwyd, AFC Baseball is the premiere location for baseball instruction on the main line. AFC Baseball’s goal is to ensure every serious baseball player has the year-round ability to improve and take their game to the next level. Whether it is indoors at the home of AFC Baseball, located on The Turf at AFC Fitness Bala Cynwyd, or at one of our many outdoor summer camps and fields, we look forward to working with your player or team, helping develop them into the very best player they can be (and hopefully adding some hardware to the trophy case along the way!).

Specific training schedule and focus points will be developed based on the feedback from coaches and parents. First time skills tests may be required to ensure the best use of time for one-on-one sessions.

Learn more about our specific programs:

Hitting Hitting
Hips & Hands are key! But there is a lot more to hitting than just your hips and hands. AFC Baseball will work with your player on the basic of hitting and making sound contact for beginnings, all the way up to pitch recognition and situational hitting. No matter where you play in the field, everyone hits. AFC Baseball will get your player to impact the game at the plate!
Infield Infield
Defense wins championships! AFC Baseball focuses in on the basics of fielding to ensure everyone can hold their own in the infield. For our little ball players, we will work on the basics of getting the glove down and how to throw a baseball. For older players and teams, AFC Baseball will work to develop situational knowledge and communication in the field along with techniques that will give them an edge on their competition.
Base Running Base Running
Base running and what players can do in each league is different. AFC Baseball will ensure that everyone has the basics of solid base running no matter what level your players are at. As a player progresses to upper levels of youth baseball, they will also need to know some of the secrets to great base running to ensure they’re advancing and scoring. From running at first contact, to what to do on overthrows all the way to run downs and base stealing – AFC Baseball will cover it all.
Outfield Outfield
Playing the outfield at every level can be tough if your head is not in the game. As a younger player, you need to make sure you’re concentrating and keeping your head in the game. As you get older, being an effective outfielder can make all the difference in wins and losses for your team. AFC Baseball will work with every level to ensure they are ready for all that comes at them out there.
Pitching Pitching
Most leagues by the age of 8 or 9 are introducing “kid pitch” so making sure the young ball players have the foundation is key. Accuracy, Velocity, Proper Pitching Motion and Safety are some of the key elements for the younger players. As players move to the older leagues, there is a ton to learn and master to become an effective ACE on the mound – AFC Baseball has you covered.
Catching Catching
The field general. Catching is one of the most important positions in all of sports. A lot of the skills needed to become an effective catcher are located above the shoulders. AFC Baseball will focus on both the physical and mental parts of the catching position and making sure you’re prepared to direct your team to victory from behind home plate.
Baseball Conditioning Baseball Conditioning
At any age, fitness on the field matters. A lot of teams, leagues and individual players take this part too lightly – not at AFC Baseball. We take our conditioning, both mental and physical seriously and will expect our coaches and players to do the same. From pre-game (pre-practice) warmups, to off-season, pre-season and in-season workouts, we go through some of the very best ways to improve speed and strength as well as reduce the risk of injury.

The programming at AFC Baseball goes year-round and will help take your player to the next level. Please see more about individual program options:

AFC Baseball Clinics
AFC Baseball Clinics will provide a variety of different options through the fall and winter months for your team/player.

All clinics will break the kids up into appropriate Little League level age groups.

Clinics will start with a full warm up and “best practices” talk from our friends at Progress Physical Therapy and the AFC Fitness Personal Training Department. We want to make sure our young athletes are having fun and playing the game they love, but we also want to make sure they are doing it the right way so they can play for a long time!

Station Work: Age/Level appropriate groups will break off into their stations – stations will be conducted with the level that each player is heading into this spring in mind.

6-7 Year Olds:
• Catching and Throwing
• Ground balls/READY POSITION
• Baserunning
• Hitting – Tee Work/Cage
o Stance & Footwork
8-9 Year Olds:
• Infield
• Outfield
• Baserunning
• Hitting – Tee work/Cage
• Intro to Pitching
• Intro to Catching
10-12 Year Olds:
• Infield
• Outfield
• Baserunning
• Pitchers and Catchers
• Hitting – in the Cage

All clinics will be anywhere between 2 to 3 hours long. Pricing and availability available upon request.

AFC Baseball Team Practice
Team Rental Time is available for Coach/League run practices. If your coach or league desires to have an AFC Baseball Coach run practice, that can be arranged as well. Team Practice times can be 60, 90 or 120 minute sessions. Pricing and availability available upon request.
AFC Baseball Individual Sessions
One-on-One sessions will be designed specific to the player. We will require feedback from either the guardian or coach getting their player registered and then will put them through a basic evaluation. Once the skill evaluation is done, the work begins! These sessions can be 30,60, or 90 minute sessions. Pricing and availability available upon request.
AFC Baseball Summer Camps
AFC Summer Camps are the place to be for the player that really wants to shine. Our Summer Camps are done weekly and provide the best programming around.
  • AM Sessions: The AM session at AFC Baseball Camps is all about PREPARATION. During the morning sessions at every AFC Baseball Camp we put the work in to prepare our minds and bodies for success on the field: Warm Up Right, Defensive Drill Session: Team & Position Specific, Base Running, along with separate Pitchers’ & Catchers’ Work.
  • PM Sessions: The PM session will be all scoring runs. At AFC Baseball, we refer to this as the “Hit and Run” Session. After lunch we break out the bats and get to work on our swing. We will combine hitting and baserunning techniques and skills reviewed in the AM sessions to develop offensive minded players who are smart and aggressive (cannot have one without the other!)
  • Scrimmages/Tournaments: Depending on the camp (and the size of the camp) you are attending, we will organize camp tournaments and scrimmages to put it all into practice.
  • Skills Competition: At the end of every AFC Baseball Camp, we will cap off the camp and all the hard work you put in with a skills competition in each age group. Everything we work on throughout the week will be put to the test – let the best ball player win!
  • Awards: Along with our skills competition awards, every camp will have 4 MAIN awards assigned from the entire camp. These awards will be given based on the age group they are in and how they performed amongst equal players (age and level). If you want to win one of these awards, you better show up from day one ready to work! These are weeklong awards, and the AFC Coaches will be evaluating from DAY 1. Silver Slugger: Camps Best Hitter | Golden Glove: Camps Best Defensive Player | AFC Baseball Camp MVP: All around best player, teammate | AFC Baseball Camps Most Improved: This is why we are here! Recognition for hard work paying off will be given.

AFC Baseball requires you to bring:

Your tools, hard hat & lunch pail…. time to work!

Okay, seriously, we need you to bring the following:

  • Baseball Glove
  • Baseball Bat
  • Batting Helmet
  • Water/Sports Drink (ALWAYS) – no soda boss, we’re here to work & improve; part of that is your fitness.
  • Lunch (Camps ONLY)

Please also make sure to bring these last two EVERY DAY…

  • Ears to Listen
  • Energy to Hustle

All AFC Baseball Waivers must be signed prior to engaging in any AFC Baseball activities.

For any information on our AFC Baseball Programming, email –