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3 Tips To Lose Weight In The Winter

Colder weather and less hours of sunlight make it tougher to get enough physical activity in the winter. And this could mean you’re missing out on your recommended 180 minutes of weekly exercise.

If you are taking in the same number of calories per day, or perhaps even more with winter comfort foods, this can lead to weight gain, too. Then there are holidays parties, work gatherings and family get-togethers. All of these events tend to add even more calories.

So how do you counteract this winter pattern? How do you keep the weight off during the winter months?

Beach Bodies Are Made In the Winter

Tip 1.  Find something that motivates you to exercise. Try thinking ahead 4 to 6 months. How do you want to look and feel in the summer? Remind yourself daily that strong, toned bodies in summer are made at the gym in the winter.

Unfortunately, beach bodies can be unmade in winter, as well.  And when the temperature drops, it’s human nature to do less outdoors. Warm weather activities like frolicking on the beach, riding a bike, taking walks and gardening are almost non-existent in your winter physical routine which means fewer calories are being burned.

Giving yourself a goal like creating the beach body you desire can help motivate you and push yourself beyond your comfort zone. Remember, beach bodies are made in the winter.

You’ve Got To Find Ways To Move More

Tip 2. Don’t let the cold weather reduce your total physical activity. Instead, try to add in what you can outdoors and significantly increase indoor exercises. Try adding these to your routine:

  • Taking a short vigorous walk outdoors during your lunch break can burn calories, increase your circulation and help you stay warm. Bonus – it just might help clear your head, too!
  • Add indoor exercise classes to your routine such as Yoga, Pilates, Spinning, Zumba and other group fitness classes. Fitness classes offer the social qualities of a group with the accountability and attention of your instructor.
  • Mix it up. Take an energizing aquatics class in one of AFC Fitness’ heated indoor pools or try CrossFit. The goal here is to do something you wouldn’t normally do. Extending yourself in to new areas can be uplifting!

Take Advantage Of Personal Training

Tip 3. Work with a personal trainer. If you are repeatedly having a hard time reaching your fitness goals, then listen up. There is simply no better way to lose weight and increase strength than working with a personal trainer or doing small group training.

Working with a personal trainer is not just about developing bigger arms or a thinner waist. Personal training is a way for you to get the individual attention, motivation and guidance you need to help you lose weight, gain strength and build confidence.

To learn more about personal training, sign up for a free personal training session at AFC Fitness.

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