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4 Healthy Eating Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

During the holidays, it may seem like desserts, appetizers and family recipe favorites are calling you to eat them. It is only after the New Year arrives that you realize the damage has been done and its time to begin a weight loss plan at the gym.

This year, to fight back against holiday overeating, and it’s BFF, calories, enter the season with some healthy eating tips that could save you several thousand calories.

Avoid High Calorie Drinks
Everyone loves hot drinks in the winter because they keep you warm and toasty but remember that some are high in calories, too. An average size mocha cappuccino from a coffee chain can be as much as 500 calories. Whipped cream, sweeteners and syrups can add extra fat and sugars.

This season, stick to regular tea or coffee, and make them skinny (made with skim or 2% milk).

Alcoholic drinks can be “sneaky high” in calories so make sure you keep track of your alcohol intake, too.

Make Healthy Substitutions
Try these healthier substitutes:

  • Swap sour cream and cheese based dips with healthier choices – salsa and other tomato dips, try low-fat plain yogurt mixed with herbs, garlic or onion, or your favorite hummus.
  • At holiday parties, opt for healthy appetizers instead of salty snacks. Typical party snacks like potato chips and pretzels are high in sodium. Healthier appetizers tend to have less salt than processed ones. Look for non-fried appetizers, too.

Keep Healthy Basics On Hand During The Rush
The weeks and days leading up to holidays are the busiest of the year for many. Make it easier to cook a healthy meal at any time by keeping your pantry, fridge and freezer full of healthy recipe basics. You’ll save money, calories and help avoid the temptation to order out, which is usually not healthy.

Healthy food basics include:

  • Common herbs and spices (basil, oregano, garlic, rosemary, thyme, sage, etc.)
  • Frozen vegetables are often less expensive, and you can use only what you need and put the rest in the freezer for another meal
  • Whole wheat pasta and whole grain rice
  • Beans (for salads, tacos, rice, as a side)
  • Frozen fruit for smoothies and cereals
  • Lean meats and fish

Eat Winter Vegetables To Stay Full
Eating enough vegetables during the holidays will help you feel full which makes it easier to resist overeating of holiday goodies – a key part of avoiding weight gain.

Plus, eating a wide variety of veggies during the winter helps ensure you get plenty of nutrients at a time of year when colds and flu are being passed by smooching aunts and grandmas.

Look for seasonal vegetables – winter veggies such as cauliflower, spinach, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, kale and artichokes.

Finally, if you are serious about losing weight and creating a permanent change in the way you eat, then schedule a free appointment with a registered dietitian at AFC Fitness. AFC Fitness has locations in Bala Cynwyd, Jenkintown, Feasterville and Northeast Philadelphia (opening in 2018).