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5 Ways Personal Trainers Get More Out of Us Than We Can Ourselves

How does a personal trainer get you in better shape than you working out by yourself?

Everyone expects that a personal trainer will help you get better results, but have you wondered how they do it?  What other mind tricks or techniques do they use to take you from flab to fab way better than you can do it yourself? Here’s a quick rundown.

They remove anxiety.

Having a professional personal trainer evaluate, create your training program and include nutrition advice means you don’t have to come up with the plan yourself. After all, they are the professionals and that’s their job.

They encourage you to go beyond your comfort zone.

People are creatures of habit. We avoid discomfort and look for the easy way – it’s human nature! An important part of what a personal trainer does is guide us mere mortals beyond our limits in order to advance. Whether you are trying to trim 10 pounds or 100 pounds, you’d be surprised how much you can accomplish with a personal trainer at your side.

Not only will they make sure you put in your best effort, having someone you must report to makes you more disciplined, even when you’re not with them.

They keep it real.

We can be our worst critics. At times, we probably think we’re not doing as good as we had hoped to do and therefore lose motivation. Or, perhaps the opposite, you might be proud of your new squat “best mark” and completely ignore the fact that you didn’t do it using the correct form.

A personal trainer will help you understand your progress exactly by asking you to complete regular evaluations and making certain you’re using correct form. They’ll never cheat you or be too severe – just the truth.

They keep it interesting.

Even if you’re already a fitness enthusiast, or maybe you’re the type that can’t get off the recliner, one thing is for sure variety of exercises is important to staying motivated.

Personal trainers have client experiences and an entire fitness center full of ideas to keep your program interesting and fun. Keeping your fitness plan interesting might be the single most important method that personal trainers use to lead you to success. Let’s face it, the best plan in the world is hopeless if there is no desire to follow it.

They can change your life.

Personal training is totally different today than the “olden” days of being shouted at by drill sergeant-like trainers to move faster or do an extra push-up. At AFC Fitness, it’s about matching you up with the right style of personal coaching that you need to achieve your goals. An AFC personal trainer can help with the entire wellness spectrum, including exercise, nutrition, and even advice on sleep and stress relieving exercises.

The amazing thing about improving your health and fitness levels is that other areas of your life improve, too, from relationships to your job.

Visit the AFC personal training section to request a free initial fitness evaluation and be on your way to a better life!