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AFC Has All of The Hottest Trends in Fitness

Whether you’re a gym veteran and your go-to exercise is on a treadmill or you want the latest and hottest group fitness class, AFC Fitness has something for everyone.

In fact, AFC offers all of the Top Fitness Trends!

In their annual survey of more than 4,000 health and fitness professionals, the “Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends: The CREP Edition,” concluded that the list below were the top 10 fitness trends.

Top 10 Fitness Trends:

  1. High-intensity interval training (HIIT)
  2. Group training
  3. Wearable tech
  4. Body-weight training
  5. Strength training
  6. Educated, certified and experienced fitness professionals
  7. Yoga
  8. Personal training
  9. Fitness programs for older adults
  10. Functional fitness

We examine these further:

  1. High-intensity interval training (HIIT): HIIT has been in the top 5 spots for several years and for good reason – it’s quick, intense activities are known to get results. HIIT can be described as any workout that alternates between intense bursts of activity and periods of less intense activity. Workouts often last 30 minutes or less. Matt Littman, CEO of AFC Fitness and Aquahab, says, “Even if you don’t do a full HIIT workout regimen, elements of HIIT training can be incorporated in to your normal fitness routine for a more effective weight loss exercise.” At AFC Fitness, HIIT workouts are used to train everyone from athletes for an event, and non-athletes, as well.


  1. Group training: Group training exercises include most major areas of the fitness center, with classes that range from cycling to weight lifting to Yoga. A popular program at AFC is Small Group Training, where members in small groups, led by an instructor, alternate exercises each workout session. On Monday the small group might be in a spinning class and the next day they are doing aerobic weight training or Pilates. The whole idea is that variety of exercises keeps it interesting for members which motivates them to continue.


  1. Wearable fit-tech: It’s no surprise that smart watches, heart rate monitors and activity trackers that so many of us use daily are a fitness trend. The surprise, however, is how fast it appeared in the top 10. Four years ago it wasn’t in the top 20 fitness trends. Now a multibillion-dollar industry, new products are brought to market monthly. Wearable fit-tech is here to stay. Did you know that AFC equipment can connect to devices like Fit Bit, Garmin and Apple Watch?


  1. Training with body weight: AFC has many fitness programs that utilize body weight as the resistance – think CrossFit, Yoga, Pilates and more – AFC has it!


  1. Strength training: Number 5 on the list has been a long-standing trend because building muscle is a key part of any exercise and weight management plan. Strength training using weights, machines and resistance bands can even increase your metabolism. Strength options at AFC are the best in the Philadelphia metro area. Our Feasterville, PA location was just named top gym in Bucks County for the second consecutive year!


  1. Educated, certified and experienced fitness professionals: This is definitely an area where AFC stands out above other gyms in the Philadelphia region. AFC’s certified personal trainers and staff are the most experienced and sought after in the Philly metro area. Many AFC trainers have been coaching for more than 20 years. Dietitians are also at each AFC Fitness location helping members practice a comprehensive healthy lifestyle.


  1. Yoga: The Yoga in America Study found that more than 36 million people in the U.S. practice yoga. The previous study had 20.4 million. You see the upward trend and why Yoga is number 7 on the list. AFC has tons of Yoga classes. Check out our Yoga Classes Page to learn more.


  1. Personal training: Recognizing that your personal trainer has the experience and education to help you reach your fitness goals lets you stop worrying about if you are doing the most effective exercise. AFC has the most qualified and experienced trainers in the area.


  1. Fitness programs for older adults: There are a number of programs at AFC Fitness for older adults. Zumba, aquatics and water classes, strength training and much more. Silver Sneakers offers free or discounted gym memberships for older adults with qualifying health plans. Call AFC to learn more.


  1. Functional fitness: Functional fitness workouts engage your muscles to work together and prepare them for everyday tasks by copying movements you might do at home or work. Think of picking up a box and placing it on a high shelf. A squat combined with raising weights is a functional exercise that will help work the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes.


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