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Choosing The Right Gym For You

There are so many gyms to choose from. Each is a little different. How will you choose? Here are some helpful tips for choosing a gym that fits your needs.

First, think about your likes. Do you like to lift weights, take aerobics classes, use cardio equipment, or a combination of things?


What hours are they open?

How old is the equipment?

Is there a wide variety of exercise classes?

Does the gym offer child care?

Are there locker rooms?

Will someone show you how to use the equipment?

Is there personal training included when you start?



Is the location of the gym accessible to you? You want to find a gym where you don’t have to travel very far and that you know you wouldn’t mind driving to. Look to see if there is anything close to your house.  A fitness center close to your house is usually the best choice, allowing you to go to the gym whenever you want.

AFC Fitness has gyms throughout the Philadelphia metro area, including gyms on the Mainline, Jenkintown, Northeast Philadelphia, Feasterville and a gym location in Bala Cynwyd near City Ave.


Make sure that your workout schedule is well within their hours of operation.  If not, you will be frustrated by working around their schedule and won’t be getting the workouts you deserve.  24 hours gyms are nice, but not necessarily needed. Most fitness centers open very early and close late so you can get in before or after work.


Cost should really be near the top of your list. But instead of asking how much money will it cost you, ask how much you get for your money and will you get your money’s worth? It’s much easier to spend a little extra money on a membership with a gym that has top of the line equipment, wider variety of fitness classes, full locker rooms and exercise activities than attending a small gym in a corner plaza that offers very little.


It should be clean. Staff members should wipe down equipment regularly, pick up trash, keep locker rooms tidy, and ensure that members are enjoying a workout in a clean facility. If they can’t take care of their facility, how will they take care of you?


Some gyms offer freebies and discounts to members on things such as tanning, pool usage, massage therapy, daycare, snacks, sports drinks, etc. Figure out what “extras” are included with your membership and what you’d need.


The equipment should be in good working condition and easy to use.

Check you the free-weight room. Dumbbells shouldn’t be broke or missing. Grips should be good and not worn down.

Watch current members using the equipment. Are they using it properly? If not, staff members should be addressing it, since misuse will surely result in damaged and broken equipment.  If they have good equipment, they will probably make sure it is being used properly.

In summary…

Take all of the things mentioned above into consideration. A gym membership is an important investment toward better health. If the gym suits all of your personal needs, you will be more likely to get the most out of your membership.