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Different Styles of Yoga

Interested in Yoga, but don’t know where to start? Everyone who regularly attends Yoga classes has been there. Try one at your local gym. First, find out what style the instructor teaches and their qualifications before attending a class. There are many different types and some are not suitable for people with health problems or beginners. Next, attend the class. The same style can vary depending on the instructor. If you aren’t satisfied with the class, try the same Yoga style with a different instructor. You might be happy. If not, simply try another style. Here are some styles to choose from:

Hatha Yoga
This is one of the most common yoga styles and is great introduction to the discipline if you’re a complete beginner. Hatha covers many of the physical aspects of yoga. Classes are fairly slow paced and easy. Hatha is a combination of pranayama (breathing methods), asanas (physical and posture exercises), and meditation.

Ashtanga Yoga
This fast-paced, intense style is very physically demanding. Recently, it has become popular because of its athletic demands. Astanga is a sequence of set poses that are always done in the same order. Breathing is synchronized with continual movements from one pose to the next. This form of Yoga is great for building strength, flexibility and stamina. However, it is not a good choice for a beginner.

Bikram Yoga
The Bikram method is practiced in a heated room, ranging in temperatures of 96-100 degrees. The combination of 26 poses and heat promote plenty of sweating to help cleanse the body of toxins and loosen tight muscles.

Kundalini Yoga
This more spiritual style of Yoga has a greater emphasis on meditation, chanting and breathing. Kundalini concentrates on arousing the energy at the base of the spine and bringing that energy up through the body. The physically intense poses are done with specific breathing techniques.

Lyengar Yoga
This is one of the most popular styles of yoga in the world and perfect for people who are not physically active enough for the more vigorous styles of yoga. This style emphasizes holding poses over extended periods improve body alignment. Props such as blocks, straps and blankets are used in Lyengar Yoga to help hold poses.