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Free Online Workout Videos – Exercising During the Caronavirus Shutdown

We are sad that we had to close our doors, but we understand how social distancing is important for the Philadelphia region to stay safe, so we immediately complied with the governors orders that non-essential businesses close, including gyms.

Even though social distancing is vital during this time, it can be tough mentally, making mood-enhancing exercise even more important than normal. Although our gyms are closed right now and you’re probably stuck at home, that doesn’t mean you should stop exercising. Fitness is a big part of beating cabin fever and maintaining mental health.

So, how can you keep fit if you can’t or choose not to leave your home?

While some of our fitness class instructors are streaming workouts on AFC’s Facebook page from their homes, these workouts will be limited because instructors’ responsibilities, like kids and family, come first.

There are many free online workout options for members who want to continue their fitness during the shutdown. Even though you don’t get the social support and energy of being in a session with classmates, you’ll find a guided session on your phone, laptop or smart tv can help you get through these times.

Check out the list of free online workouts below:

Amazon Prime
If you already have an Amazon Prime subscription then you’ve got access to several videos to help you get in a Cardio, Strength and Yoga workout from home. More known for streaming movies and shows Amazon Prime also gives you access to lesser known fitness workouts. So, take a break from binging The Man In The High Castle and catch a quick 15 minute Pilates workout instead. For those looking to really break a sweat there are a handful of longer fitness videos in the 45+ minute range.

Here’s a few links to Amazon Prime workouts to get you started:

Blogilates on Youtube – Cassey Ho is an online fitness instructor and creator behind Blogilates on Youtube. Cassey’s quick workouts targeting individual areas of the body and whole-body workouts will help keep you energized and in shape.

Toned Total Body Workout on Blogilates Youtube channel

Fitness Blender on Youtube – the husband and wife team at Fitness Blender offer full-body and isolation exercise videos. Fitness Blender videos range in difficulty levels and experience so there is something for everybody.

Bodyweight Cardio Workout for Fat Burn on Fitness Blender Youtube channel

Silver Sneakers on Youtube – The Youtube channel for Silver Sneakers offers many short workout videos targeting specific parts of the body and full-length whole-body workouts to help you stay active, flexible and energized during the closure period.

10 minute Hips, Core and More on Silver Sneakers Youtube channel

Silver Sneakers On-Demand Website and Go App

Log in to the Silver Sneakers On-Demand membership website, with access to a variety of workout videos. See the instructions here – On-Demand Flyer

Install the Silver Sneakers Go app on your phone for more access to workouts. See the instructions here – SilverSneakers Go Flyer

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