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gym safety facts list during covid19

Gyms Reopen in PA – Contact Tracing Data Proves Among Safest Public Places

Did you know gyms are among the safest public places? According to recent state of New York COVID-19 contact tracing data, gyms are 10 times safer than retail stores such as grocery. So safe in fact that upon analyzing these figures, Governor Cuomo immediately reopened gyms in mid-December. Similar Pennsylvania data is not available yet, however the NY results are consistent across many states with available contact tracing data including, Colorado, Louisiana, Massachusetts, and Washington.

As a local family owned business, we need your help during these difficult times. Our goal is to continue our safety-first approach so we can be here for members, our employees, and our community for another 30 years.

We’ve gathered the following information from state and public data. Browse through the points below to learn more about gym safety facts and the extraordinary steps we’re taking at AFC to ensure everyone can have a safe and positive workout.


December 11th: New York’s Contact Tracing Data Shows Gyms Among the Safest Public Places

In December, after analyzing contact tracing data for 46,000 cases of COVID-19, New York and Governor Cuomo decided to reopen gyms immediately, even in counties with increasing virus rates. The data shows gyms are one of the lowest areas for transmission – more than 10 times as safe as retail such as grocery and more than 23 times safer than restaurants and bars. Considering the safety protocols in place at AFC this was not a surprise to us. See the NY chart and report here.


No Cases or Spread of Virus at AFC Fitness

AFC has not had any confirmed cases or spread of COVID-19.


University Research: Gyms are Low Risk for COVID Transmission

Findings from the University of Oregon’s Consulting Group demonstrate that health clubs do not pose the same risk as other venues like bars and restaurants. An analysis of Colorado Department of Public Health data shows no statistically significant link between fitness club attendance and COVID-19 cases. See the report here.


Large Facilities for Distancing

With 110,000 square feet of fitness in our Bala Cynwyd health club, over 88,000 square feet in our Feasterville gym,  new air purification built into the HVAC system, and a physically distanced fitness floor, AFC has the space and ventilation to allow for safe and highly effective workouts.


Air Purification System

On November 4th, we became one of the first fitness businesses in the country to install a level of air purification that has been proven to inactivate COVID-19, pathogens, and allergens. The entire fitness complex now has the latest air purification integrated within the building HVAC system.


Quarantine 15 and COVID Curves

So as many spend more time at home and indoors, people are becoming concerned about “COVID curves” and the “Quarantine 15” (referring to new pounds gained). It is vital to our health to have a safe place to heighten our activity, lose weight, and feel fit and healthy. AFC is that place.


Expanded Safe Exercise Options

Take advantage of additional workout options, including our new indoor turf training zone, private room training, virtual classes, and totally redesigned indoor choices with social distancing.


Cleaning and Disinfection

We’ve added multiple deep-cleaning and disinfecting cycles during the day and overnight. We also retrained our cleaning team and require all of our staff to participate in the new cleaning guidelines. Additionally, medical-grade disinfectants and electrostatic sprayers, the kind used in hospitals, are used to disinfect common areas and equipment.


Masks Are Required

In the facility at all times.


Practicing Social Distancing

Training areas, classes and equipment are positioned to maximize safety.


Mental and Immune Health: While distancing may be a part of our new normal for the time being, staying active and connected remain more important than ever. It is essential to have a safe place to boost our immune system and mental health through exercise and being part of a fitness community.


Limited Class Sizes

Class sizes are intentionally smaller to allow for proper distancing and a safe environment. Pre-registration for classes is required to ensure participant limits.


Support Your Local Small Business!

AFC Fitness is a local family business that has been operating for 30 years in the Philadelphia area. During these difficult months since last March due to COVID-19, we have been making large capital and safety improvements to our facilities and keeping staff and instructors employed.

We encourage you to come into the club and take advantage of the new and safe workout options available while supporting a local business at the same time.


Friends, Familiar Faces, and Staff

Quarantining and isolation have limited people’s interactions with others, causing a rise in mental health issues. Understanding these problems are real, we are committed to creating the safest environment that will still allow you to meet, laugh, and share life’s moments with your fitness friends at AFC.


In Conclusion – A Safe Workout Experience

With state data now proving gyms are among the safest public places, combined with extraordinary safety procedures, 110,000 sq. feet of space, air purification, and professional fitness equipment, we encourage you to come into the club to be more active, lose weight, and feel fit and healthy.