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Health and Fitness Changes After 30

It can be tough to stay in shape and eat healthy once you’re over 30. The carefree days of eating anything you want and not gaining weight end for most. Especially if you have fallen out of (or never started) going to the gym. As you age, there’s a lot more to manage in life: a career, home, spouse, children, pets to name a few. It’s also not helpful that temptation is around every corner, whether it’s treating yourself to donuts at the office, or having drinks at the end of the day.

Starting and sustaining a healthy routine can be a struggle, particularly if you don’t know the best methods of exercise, and you’re not sure of the most effective ways to modify your diet to be healthier. But it’s known by virtually everyone nowadays that healthy living improves tons of conditions, like depression, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. And, in a seemingly daily barrage of new health benefits of hitting the gym regularly, we learn valuable new information all of the time. Like, according to recent research by the American Academy of Neurology, high cardiovascular fitness during middle age may lower the likelihood of dementia later in life.

Ok, so we have a wealth of information about why we should work out regularly, but how can you get fit in your 30’s and beyond? How much exercise should you do per day, exercise per week? What is the best type of exercise to start with? What are the latest eating guidelines to maximize nutrition and weight loss? And how to stay motivated?

At AFC Fitness, we have experts that provide answers to these questions every day. On-staff specialists – certified personal trainers, dietitians and physical therapists, who have worked with thousands, are there to help you get in the best shape of your life. Each new member at AFC receives two free personal training sessions and a free nutritional counseling appointment to ensure you start strong and get the best results.

In addition to weight loss and nutrition professionals, AFC has specialists in sports training, nutrition for athletes, and sports conditioning and recovery.

We invite you to begin a Free 30 Day Trial at AFC Fitness to see how a local Philly fitness and wellness startup, now over 27 years in business, can reshape how you feel about exercise!