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Is It Possible For Technology to Replace Going to the Gym?

As a trusted fitness center in Philadelphia, Bala Cynwyd, Jenkintown, Cherry Hill and Feasterville for over 20 years, we feel it our responsibility to keep tabs on the entire fitness industry including the ever changing home fitness tactics and machines.

One item we like for home fitness is the Wii Fit. However, although it is a cool piece of fitness technology is it possible for the Wii Fit to substitute conventional exercise? Could it replace the gym? Many people are wondering this question when they’re about to buy a Wii Fit. In this blog post you will find answers to some of your questions to determine whether a Wii Fit is for you.

Let’s start with Motivation

If you’re not motivated enough to attend a spinning class, go jogging or go to the gym, then purchasing a Wii Fit may be a good idea. It’s much better to do some exercise, rather than none. But don’t get the impression that the Wii fit can substitute real exercise. Take a spinning class for example: Attending a spinning class 3 times per week vs. Wii Fit exercises every day is still a big difference. The spinning class will outperform the Wii Fit easily. This is because at the spinning class you will have the “power of your classmates” so to speak. You will work harder when you see other people working harder. Also, the exercises on the Wii Fit are light in contrast and you don’t know if you are doing the right movements during and exercise. Many people have found ways to cheat the Wii Fit. In comparison, you can’t cheat a spinning class.

Using Body Mass Index to measure fitness progress

BMI (Body Mass Index), which is used in the Wii Fit, is a poor indicator of good fitness. here is an example why. Let’s say there is a man who has a toned body, defined muscles, and regularly  uses our gym near Elkins Park. According to BMI measurement his score is 27, and that’s overweight according to BMI. In comparison, let’s say we have another man at our gym near Huntingdon Valley who is taller, with some extra pounds around the mid-section. He comes in at 22 on the BMI scale and as a result is believed to be in perfect shape. However, you can easily tell that there is a difference in health between the two men.

Don’t depend on the Wii BMI  calculator to measure your health. In many peoples’ opinions it’s an outdated method to determine current health. There are better methods to find out if you have a healthy body or not. Contact one of our certified personal trainers at our Philadelphia fitness center locations: our Bala Cynwyd Gym, Jenkintown Gym, or Northeast Philadelphia Gym.

Other Pros and Cons of the Wii Fit

A major plus for the Wii fit is that it reduces the boredom that sometimes is associated with exercise. Instead you think that you are playing a game and are having fun. This “fun factor” can be the difference for many people to exercise or not exercise. The movements are enjoyable and the workout goes a lot easier. However, the old saying “no pain, no gain” has a lot of truth behind it. Many of the exercises on the Wii will not challenge you enough. And, there are ways to cheat the system by not moving the Wii remote controller as much as you should.

In Summary

As stated above, it’s better to do some exercise rather than none. If your motivation to go to the gym is close to zero, then a Wii Fit can get you at least get you moving more.

If you look at things from a perspective of how much healthy return on time and money spent you are getting, then you may want to put your Wii money in to joining a local gym. A gym membership has many  benefits. You get to meet lots of new people who are trying to improve their health and wellness, you can get help from the personal trainer at the gym if you have questions, the exercises are more demanding, and exercise classes such as spinning, body pump, boot camp, yoga and Zumba classes help reduce boredom while maximizing results.