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New Pilates Reformer Class Formats at AFC Fitness in Bala Cynwyd

AFC Fitness in Bala Cynwyd is relaunching our Pilates Reformer program. Check out our new Pilates Reformer class formats.

New Reformer Class Formats:

Reformer Barre Sculpt
A challenging blend of Barre and Pilates that combines cardio and muscle sculpting movements. This class uses a variety of props, such as, Pilates Reformer, Ballet Barre, hand weights, bands, small ball and glides to keep you on your toes. Perfect for kicking up your metabolism and increasing caloric burn.

Reformer Fusion Level 2
The Pilates Reformer is designed to stretch and strengthen your body, with special focus on toning your entire core – front and back. This class is for those familiar with the reformer machine and the basic exercises.

Reformer Gentle Flow Level 1 or 2
The Pilates Reformer will be used to gently stretch and strengthen the body with control. This class can help provide exercises to help improve posture and balance. Good for beginners and those who may know the basic exercises.

Cardiolates :Level 2 or 3
This class will incorporate the jumpboard with the Pilates Reformer for a more athletic based class. The jumpboard is a platform similar to a trampoline. Classes may also incorporate other equipment. This class is for those familiar with basic exercises seeking ways to make them more challenging.

Try Pilates Reformer
Come on out and try Reformer with one of our talented Pilates Reformer instructors. Space is limited, so reserve your intro class today!

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