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New Year Fitness : 4 Ways To Increase Your Metabolism To Boost Calorie Burning Power

You’ve probably heard of several foods that may help increase metabolism, but did you know that exercise is still the best way to help boost metabolism?  Adding some small changes to your exercise regimen can help you burn calories more efficiently and lose weight faster.

As we age, our metabolic rate tends to slow down, making it more difficult for us to keep the weight off and way more difficult to lose excess weight after we’ve gained it.

Despite the recent popularity of pills, cleanses, and trendy food choices to boost metabolism, real change starts at the gym. It may not be as easy as popping a pill, but boosting your metabolism, and slimming down can be — dare we say it — simple?

All it takes is a few small tweaks to your exercise plan and hitting the gym more frequently.

Read on to find out how to increase your metabolism, lose weight and get healthier this year.


This healthy gym practice called strength training is actually more likely to slim you down than bulk you up. Muscle burns significantly more calories than fat, even during periods when you’re not active, while sleeping, keeping your metabolism running on high all day. For more exercises that will slim you down in no time, check out these weight training classes that make using weights refreshingly fun!


Water does more than just satisfy your thirst, it is also a key part of living healthier  and having an efficient  metabolism. Researchers  have discovered that drinking water significantly increased the fat-burning capacity of test subjects, so make sure you keep your water bottle handy before, during and after workouts, especially when you’re trying to lose weight.


Start increasing your metabolism today by dialing-up the intensity at the gym. Research published in the American Journal of Nutrition shows that high-intensity exercise increases fat burn and metabolism. Therefore, if you’re eager to pick up your metabolic rate, it’s time to kick those workouts to the next level. For more ways to get fit in no time while having fun, visit our fitness classes page to discover the best AFC Fitness class for you.


If long workouts are not possible in your schedule, don’t skip it, just do shorter workouts instead. Research shows that shorter workouts can have just as much impact on your metabolic rate and overall fitness goals as longer workouts.  Some publications suggest that the results of shorter intervals of exercise are comparable to longer, more sustained fitness routines. So, if you only have a short time to workout, just make sure the exercises are intense ones.

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