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Now Showing: AFC Fitness in 3D?

3d body scan afc fitnessWe sat down with AFC Fitness President and CEO Matt Littman to find out what all the “3 D” buzz is about.

Q. First of all, what makes AFC Fitness unique?

A. AFC Fitness, with 4 Philadelphia gym locations, is unique in the fitness world because we consistently deliver programming, service and equipment to our members that keeps them engaged with our club. We place more emphasis on the current customer experience, as we do on obtaining new members.

Q. Why is Styku 3D important to AFC Fitness?

A. Members get discouraged when they step on an in-home weight scale. When we found Styku, we saw there’s a reliable way to extract waist, hip, bust, and hundreds of other body measurements, to help members track progress in a better way.  We now see how this cool technology enhances the members’ interest in reaching fitness goals.

Q. How have you incorporated Styku into your club/studio?

A. We offer Styku for free to all members as a way to keep them interested in changing up their fitness routine. We made the decision right away to not charge for a scan, but to offer it as an included amenity.


Q. How do members respond to Styku?

A. Our members are really enjoying the visual measurement Styku produces and they refer to their scan as they work towards their fitness goals. Being able to compare an old scan vs. a new scan, while having both images overlap, really shows progress in a much more visual, and objective way; Styku is better than old school measurements.

Q. How do you monetize Styku?

A. We monetize Styku not only by keeping members engaged and offering a great technology, but it has certainly prompted members to consider personal training once they see their scan. Members immediately look to us for results; and we help them build the body they desire.

Q. What has been your experience working with the Styku team?

A. Styku has been a great partner. They helped us launch at AFC Fitness and continues to provide marketing support as well as sharing best practices.

Q. What else can you say about the benefits of working with Styku?

A. Styku didn’t just sell us a piece of technology and move on. The team has taken a genuine interest in seeing AFC succeed and has proved to be a great partner.

It’s AFC’s 25th Anniversary. Be sure to check out any of the following AFC Fitness locations in Pennsylvania: Jenkintown, Bala Cynwyd, Northeast Philadelphia, Feasterville.

Interested in learning more about Styku and how 3D body scanning can benefit your personal fitness? Ask any trainer or staff member while visiting AFC Fitness or send an email to