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Personal Training Pointers

Workout Buddy – New members at our Abington fitness center are saying working out with a friend, family member or co-worker can make the difference between sticking with a fitness routine or abandoning it if you exercise by yourself.

Fit in Exercise, Don’t Force It

Plan workouts that fit your family and work schedule. It is also important to choose activities that you enjoy doing and don’t feel like a ‘job’.  If you have more energy in the morning, work out then, or save your workout for your best time of the day.

Reach Your Goals

Setting and reaching attainable goals will keep you motivated to continue your workout program. Hard work seems worthwhile we you see results. Members of the Jenkintown Fitness Center say that writing down specific, measurable goals, with a time deadline makes all the difference. Review your goals throughout the year and track progress. If you know what fitness goal you want to achieve and set expectations for yourself, success is far more likely. Achieving a goal doesn’t happen overnight. The accumulation of small achievements, leads to a larger one.


Sticking to your personal training program is imperative for getting results. It may take longer than you thought to reach a goal. You will see results if you stay on track and focused. Bala Cynwyd fitness club members report that communicating goals with a friend or tracking them on paper helped them stay focused by feeling more accountable. Be patient and keep more toward your goal.

Get  Moving

You can’t get anywhere unless you start. Even if you don’t feel like hitting the gym, get started and it will get easier after the first few minutes. Outside factors, such as a bad day at work, fatigue, family, or stress can interfere with your workout. Try to put these thoughts aside and start with an enjoyable warm-up exercise. Your attention will slowly shift to your workout and you’ll be rolling.

Nourish Your Body

Feed your body high energy foods so that you have high energy workouts. Fatty snacks and high sugar foods will not provide you with the sustained energy required for a good workout. Eat fruits, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains and drink plenty of water throughout the day. This will give you ample energy to take you to the end of your personal training session.