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Staying Healthy and Fit While Traveling

If you travel for business or with family over the holidays, it can be tough to feel yourself. Whether the journey is by car or plane, there is no doubt that confined seats, standing in lines and limited food options make it tough to stay on track with healthy ways. The key is to stay balanced and be at your best… by planning ahead. These three tips can help.

Prep to avoid travel stress
Airport security lines and road traffic can be unpredictable. The next time you travel, take extra time to get organized to limit stress. You know getting to the airport can be a hassle, so leave your house extra early to remove that worry. If you tend to be in a frantic rush the day of or the day before traveling, packing in advance can help you avoid stress and allow time for a workout before you leave. Try to plan your travel day as a rest day from exercise.

Have a do-anywhere workout routine ready to go
If going to a gym or fitness center is not possible, simply devote yourself to doing a quick 15-minute routine in a hotel room, at the mother-in-law’s, or wherever you are staying. Body-weight exercises like burpees, planks, push-ups, lunges and squats can hit most areas of the body. Fitting in a quick workout during your trip may help reduce stress, improve sleep and stay mentally sharp. Don’t forget to add some stretching or yoga moves to counteract the tight muscles you developed while sitting on the plane or in the car all day. By making regular exercise a mandatory part of your travel routine, you will stay motivated to keep up with fitness and eating goals.

Eating on the run
It seems like travel delays always happen when you’re least prepared for them. Don’t let these holdups ruin your healthy eating plan. Pack nutrient rich nuts like walnuts and almonds or protein bars to help you stay full and provide willpower to say no to unhealthy choices. Pack a little more than you think you’ll need because you never how long delays will last.

Just as important as having healthy snacks within reach is remaining hydrated when you travel. Dehydration can worsen the effects of travel related stress by causing headaches and digestive problems. Keep a personal container of water out in the open to remind you to take sips. If you’re flying on a plane ask for water instead of sugary, caffeinated drinks.

Hopefully these healthy travel tips will help you avoid needless stress, exercise and eat well when you travel.