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Staying Healthy on Vacation

It has been a while, and I apologize! Lucky for me – I was away for a little vacation. Nothing like the Jersey shore!

So, the big question…. Did I keep up the working out while I was gone? Unfortunately, not so much. I was good to a degree – I walked a lot – probably averaging around 5 miles a day. I also kept my bad-vacation-food eating to a minimum, so I can’t fault myself completely. But here comes the surprising part – I actually MISSED working out a little. Just a little, I’m still me. But I did actually miss the group class aspect and was excited to take my first class after vacation. That is improvement right? So while I’m not fully back into the classes to the extent that I was, I’m going to pass along some great tips for staying healthy while on vacation from some of our Fitness Managers. (Thanks to Kristin Posner for the idea!)

Kristin Posner (AFC Bala Group Exercise Director):

I know it is hard to stay focused or find time when you are away with your family, here are some of my favorite moves for a quick workout:

Jumping Jacks 50

Squats 50

Alternating Lunges 50

Jumping Jacks 50

Push-Ups 10

Crunches (Or your favorite type of ab work, mix it up) 25

Tricep Dips (Find a sturdy chair or a step) 15

Repeat 3 Times – or More!

Healthy Snack Ideas: Almonds, Fruit, Hard Boiled Eggs, Plain Yogurt with a touch of honey & some almond or peanut butter.

Annie Mitchell (AFC Bala Spin Director):

When I go away I try to combine my running and biking that I love to do on a regular basis. When I travel to Maine (where my family lives) one of the 1st things I do is go for a run from where I stay to my sis-in-law’s house and grab a bike. (There are all different sizes and I pick the one that fits me best)  I then bike back to where I am staying. It doesn’t matter the distance or speed.  It is fun to next day to ride to sis in law house drop bike back off in garage and run home. No fancy outfits needed – just sneakers. Remember a helmet. And this can be done where you may have to rent a bike. Rent a bike and lock…ride a little then lock your bike .. then run a little ….then back on the bike!

Healthy Snack Ideas: My healthy snack of which I love is mandarin oranges. So easy to fit into a pocket or back pack or even pocketbook and small enough to quench a thirst and take edge off appetite. They digest easily and hardly any peel to tuck into a pocket until you find a trash can.

Kevin Schultz (Vice President of Fitness): 

I like to keep it simple, all you need is your sneakers and a great playlist! My favorite exercise to do while on vacation is go for a run. You can do it anywhere.

Healthy Snack Ideas: I like to relax and enjoy my vacation, and that includes indulging in some great food! My go to snack when home… Bananas and Granola Bars

So remember while you are on vacation – you don’t have to be away from your workout! Make sure to stay active and don’t let your healthy eating habits go out the window. You don’t want that first workout back to be a tough one (I promise, mine was!).