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The Key to Getting a Summer-Ready Body: Take Control of Yourself

Long days of sunshine, warm temps and spending time by the water … they add up to only one thing: Summertime in Philadelphia!

Summer is when shorts, swimsuits and bikinis come out of their hiding places.

But what about your summer body? Will you enjoy the days in the park and at the beach knowing that more skin is showing? Are you happy with the shape of your body? How fit and healthy do you feel? If your answers are No, No and just okay, read on to discover how to achieve a leaner, healthier and fitter you.



When you decide that losing weight and toning up is going to be a top priority that takes commitment and not just wishful thinking, you are taking control.

Taking control of your fitness starts with a plan. To jump-start a new fitness plan list all the reasons you want to be in better shape. Start by writing down your goals and the reasons you want to reach them. Are you eying that (too small) summer dress in the local Manayunk boutique? Do you want to be frolicking at the Jersey Shore with friends in July? Would you like to be able to last an afternoon of playing sports in Fairmount Park? Or, how about being in shape to take a long bike ride on the new Heritage trails throughout the Mainline region?

When writing down your goals and reasons make a special note about any times you have been successful at achieving a goal in the past. It doesn’t matter how small or big the achievement was. It will remind you that you can reach your ambitions when you set your mind to it.

After writing your goals, mark down your starting weight, and as your fitness program develops you will have a visible record of your progress. You might not like the numbers the bathroom scales are greeting you with now, but by the time you’ve lost those extra pounds you will be pleased to know exactly what you have achieved.

When setting weight loss targets, set realistic (and responsible) fitness targets. There is no point in attempting to shed 5 pounds in one week by starving yourself. That rate of weight loss is not safe and it can be muscle that you are losing and not fat. About 1- 2 lb of weight loss per week is perfectly acceptable. And, instead of worrying about weight loss all of the time, look at your shape, and ask yourself whether your clothes feel looser.

Finally, when you are ready to begin, sign up for 30 days free at AFC Fitness. Every new member gets 2 free personal training sessions. Experienced personal trainers will help you develop a plan that is customized for you. A personal trainer also makes sure your exercise form and techniques are proper and safe so you get the most out of every workout at the gym.

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Use these tips to take control, stay motivated and have a healthy, active summer!