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The Nutrition Consultation

So you got yourself a gym membership, now what?

That is what I have been saying to myself over and over again when I think about it. It’s great, I took this huge step towards a healthier life, but then…… nothing. Yup, I did nothing. To get myself going, I asked a good amount of the staff, from all three clubs, where they recommend I start. I got a variety of answers pertaining to classes and programs, but the most common answer was to start out with my Nutrition Consultation & Personal Training sessions. So I decided to start off with the least amount of physical activity that I could – the Nutrition Consultation.

Last Friday, I met with Jillian Foley, over at AFC Jenkintown. Jillian is a Registered Dietitian and a Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist here in Pennsylvania, and she currently works out of both our Jenkintown and Feasterville locations. From what I can tell, everyone knows and loves her – with good reason, she knows her stuff.

I wasn’t quite sure to expect from my “Nutrition Consultation”. For instance, what is a Nutrition Consultation? Turns out, it is basically a 20 minute chat with Jillian. Jillian was really easy to talk to – she makes you feel comfortable, especially since most of the stuff that you talk about is stuff that might normally make me feel uncomfortable.

Why did you join a gym?

We started off our conversation with something I hadn’t fully thought about yet – my goals. I’ll be honest, going into this whole thing, my main goal was to keep my body from falling apart, maybe look a little better. Right off the bat, we figured out that my actual goals are to reduce body fat, tone my body, and in turn – feel healthier. I thought it was interesting that this was where we started. Instead of jumping right into the food part, Jillian really wanted to know what I was trying to get out of this AFC membership – whether I continue to see her or not.

After we narrowed down what I was trying to accomplish, we moved on to where I currently am – my weight & body fat percentage. Ugh, this is probably the last thing that most people want to talk about with another person. Luckily, this doesn’t last long and Jillian didn’t make me feel bad about either of those numbers. She really went over these in regards to how I can change and improve them, rather than just focusing on where they are now.

So I should workout AND eat healthy?

Moving along, we went over what I typically eat in a day. We went through each meal of my day, including snacks. We discussed what was good about each thing and where I can improve a bit. The best part about doing this – Jillian didn’t come off judgmental AT ALL. I didn’t feel like I was being a child being told that I couldn’t have a treat (which is kind of what I expected). Instead, she really concentrates on how to best modify my current meals to make them a little healthier, rather than cutting things out entirely. Happily, I found out that for the most part – my breakfasts, lunches and snacks are pretty good. What I do need to work on – not letting myself go every time that I eat out.

Who would I recommend the nutrition consultation for? Everyone. Seriously, do it. The first session costs you nothing. That 20 minute session can really set you on a nutrition path that goes together with your new fitness plans – don’t miss out. Plus, some insurances pay for Nutrition sessions. If you talk to Jillian about your insurance, she can tell you if you are eligible to keep coming to see her, without paying anything out of pocket. If you’re a member at any of our clubs and haven’t had your consultation yet, you should reach out to Jillian – Feasterville & Jenkintown – or Sheena Pradhan – Bala Cynwyd –

Check back later this week to read about how my first Yoga class went! And comment below with your suggestions for what I should do next!