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The Spirit of Competition

This won’t be my typical blog post. I’m not going to talk about what class I took this week, I won’t go on and on about how hard anything was. Today I’m going to update you on the challenge that I had for the month of June. Short and sweet.

The Challenge

If you remember, Josh Davis was looking for a way to motivate me to take classes and really start working out. He knows that I am a competitive person and so he challenged me to take classes. The point of the challenge was for me to take as many classes as I could from June 1st – June 30th. We were thinking that maybe I could pull off 2 a week, so 8 total, but were hoping I could get myself up to 3 a week, or 12 total. In the end, I managed to take 10 classes during that time period.

Now, for Josh’s side of the challenge. For every one class that I took – Josh was going to have to do 3 pull-ups. We would set a time for him to do these, and he had to do them straight through. So, simple enough math, 3 pull-ups a class, 10 classes = 30 pull-ups. Now, in addition to this all – Josh said that he was going to take Kristin Posner’s Lean Barre class with me on the first Tuesday in June. Problem was, he got the time wrong and didn’t show up in time for class. After that happened – he added on 2 more pull-ups towards the total. So, we stood at 32 pull-ups.

The Outcome

Yesterday, Josh set out to do the pull-ups. We went on to the fitness floor, and with Kevin Schultz

Pull Up Competition

Getting ready to compete

judging, it began. The results? Josh did 30 pull-ups, straight through. So he matched the amount of classes that I took, but couldn’t quite match the total number. You should’ve come to Lean Barre, Josh!!

So what does that mean?

  • Josh will have to worry about some embarrassing punishment coming up soon. You’ll see it, it will be great.
  • I am able to workout when I have something motivating me.
  • You should always come to class with me when you say you will.

Regardless of the outcome, Josh put forth a great showing – 30 pull-ups is NOT easy. And hey, taking 10 classes in a month after just starting to workout – also not easy, so congrats to both of us.