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The Total Body Workout

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Total Body. According to our handy-dandy website & mobile app description, this class is defined as: A dynamic whole body muscle conditioning class using dumbbells, bands, tubes, exercise balls, dyna-discs, and body bars as resistance tools. Exercises will be modified to accommodate all fitness levels. Be prepared to work all your muscles.

Now, for the regular fitness enthusiast, this sounds like a great class – the perfect workout. For me, this sounds scary. So why did I do it? Well, along this fitness journey, I have decided that I need to give everything a fair shot before I turn it down. And, my super helpful Group Exercise Director at AFC Bala Cynwyd, Kristin Posner, convinced me to take it with her. This was a mistake.

Total Body – The Class

One of AFC Bala Cynwyd’s Personal Trainers, Desean, teaches this class in Studio A on Thursday mornings. Being a Certified Personal Trainer, he knows what he is doing when it comes to working out your muscles and body conditioning. The class started with each person on his or her own mat. We did a couple of basic stretches and exercises to get us warmed up. Now, at this time, I’m thinking – “Alright, this isn’t so bad, I can do this.” After a little while of the warm up, Desean maps out the different stations around the room and goes through what the first circuit is going to be. I won’t list out every exercise for you here, but they varied in terms of the type of exercise and muscles that you were working. A couple of them included – different planks, push-ups, toe taps, and wall squats. I think there were 15 different stations in total. We were at each station for 30 seconds and then there was a 10 second “break” in between, while you moved over to the next station, essentially making each circuit 10 minutes long. First circuit I started off with the toe taps on a large tire, and was somehow able to push through the different stations. It was tough, really, really tough – but I did it. The second circuit consisted of mostly the same stations, with a couple of more. The second time around, I decided to start with the push-ups. Moving right along, I think I got through the fourth station…. And that was it. I grabbed some water, and took a break, and didn’t go back.

So… does this mean the class was bad? No, not at all. Was the class for me? In my current state – no, not at all. The class, in theory, was great.

Reasons Why Total Body is a Great Class

  • It is an awesome workout for every muscle in your body. I know, because every single one was sore for the next three days.
  • You are getting into all different types of exercises, so if you aren’t a pro yet – it is really great to experience these exercises in this format.
  • Desean is a pro. He walked around the room and helped everyone work on their form, but also made sure to be encouraging and really didn’t make me feel bad about my lack of knowledge. Plus, after class ended, he came to check on me.
  • The interval format. I wasn’t being rushed at each station to make sure that I got a certain amount of one thing done. Rather than having to do 10 push-ups in a certain amount of time, I was able to do just a couple of push-ups in the 30 seconds, but actually concentrate on my (lack of) form. Also, because there is so much going on, no one else has any time to watch what you’re doing – in fact, Kristin didn’t even realize I snuck out of class.

Me Vs. Total Body

So, you may be wondering, if I actually think that this class is so great, why was it not for me? Well, honestly, I’m just not in shape. I could physically do all of the exercises, but I couldn’t do them all continuously after each other, constantly moving. Realistically, I’m just not there yet. At first, I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t do it. Then I talked to Desean and Kristin, and a couple of other AFC Fitness pros – and they told me not to be. I did what I could and everyone has to start somewhere. On reflecting after the class also, I don’t think that I was really prepared. My laziness meant that I only had a banana for breakfast and I probably wasn’t super hydrated. Now I know better.

Who would I recommend this class for? Really, anyone who wants a great workout, but, I definitely think that you need to be up for the challenge. If you can’t do a 30 minute cardio workout yet, maybe you should work up to that and then try and take this class. I’m going to keep working on building up my strength and resistance, so that I can maybe last a whole class next time – but I’ve already promised that I’ll give it another shot…. when I’m a little more prepared.