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Top Wearable Fitness Gadgets

Wearable fitness devices have become quite popular. There are a countless number of fitness devices on the market. Most can be worn around your wrist or neck. Others have clips for your jacket zipper or pocket. They are useful, small and easy to use. However, the choices can be confusing. Surely, you’ve heard of Sony and Intel. However, other companies such as Basis and Withings are also making some good products. These devices will give data on your calories burned, daily steps, and sometimes, sleep patterns. Some can chart swimming and cycling activities. They are also useful to track your heart rate, elevation changes, and distance traveled. They work with Android and Apple operating systems.


The following are a few top picks for tracking your personal health goals.

The Garmin Vivosmart Activity Tracker is known for its excellent  tracking tools and  long battery life. It’s priced right around $170. It also displays notifications for texts, calls and email. These features are similar to features of Apple and LG smartwatches. The Garmin’s OLED screen will display time, day, date, and common activity trackers right on the face of the screen. It also records your sleep time. Optional features include heart and bicycle sensors. This would allow you to track your heart rate and bike speed.


Furthermore, the vivosmart will work with yourphone, or with heart and bicycle sensors. All of your information will be logged into the Garmin Connect. Set goals, compete with friends, track your progress, set up alerts to notify you when you are inactive for a selected period of time. This product has lots to offer.


Another great gadget is The Withings’ Pulse O2. It includes the app Health Mate for free. This device is excellent for recording heart rate, oxygen intake, sleep patterns and reports on biking and swimming. It can be used with the Bluetooth blood pressure-monitoring cuff too. The Pulse O2 is considered to be one of the most robust health-tracking systems for the price, which is right around $100.


Finally, Fitbit’s One is a trusted option for basic biometric information. It has a two-week battery life and works with Android and iOS devices to sync graphs, charts, and other monitoring tools that chart your calories burned, steps, and sleeping patterns. The cost is right around $100. Fitbit also has many newer products if you like the brand but are looking for more features.