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Train With The Mindset Of An Olympic Athlete

With 2018 being an Olympic year we are reminded of the incredible physical feats athletes achieve. Although a quadruple spin on skates or 80 mph on skis is not on the horizon for most of us, you don’t need supernatural abilities to reap the benefits of training like an Olympian – you can just be an ordinary person who works out a little smarter.


A key part of an Olympian’s success is having a strong desire to accomplish something great. Whether you’re training for the Olympics or on a 20 lb weight loss plan, you must dream of success, want it and have the desire while knowing that hard work is needed, too. Desire will get you started and help push you through times of self-doubt.

Many people attending a gym for the first time have desire and are willing to work, too, but sadly do not know how to start an exercise routine. AFC Fitness understands these challenges and has developed the top entry program in the Philadelphia region. Every new membership starts with two free personal training sessions to ensure you set achievable goals and a plan to reach them. Next, you’ll work with exercise instructors to find which fitness classes are the best fit for you and your goals. There’s over 80 classes per week including, CrossFit, Yoga, Cycling, Boot Camp, Zumba, Barre, and many more. If classes aren’t your thing, then you’ll love the variety of fitness options including the latest cardio and weight training equipment, racquetball, swimming pools, indoor sports and more!

Establish a routine like an Olympian

Start by making a plan to put in the work and time – on a regular basis. It is much better to hit the gym several times per week for regular sessions, than to just go 1-2 times per week for longer sessions. Getting your mind and body into this routine will establish a healthy habit of working out that you will look forward to. That great feeling at the end of a workout may even become addicting.

Track your progress toward goals.

Olympic athletes know their goals, the steps needed to reach them, and that tracking progress motivates them. Whether it’s time/levels on the elliptical or treadmill, weights, or class check-ins per week – record your progress.  Don’t expect results overnight but celebrate each workout as it gets you closer to your goals.

Varying your workouts will keep things interesting, use a variety of muscles, and prevent boredom. So make sure to work in new exercises in to your routine.  Work on your weaknesses, while building on your strengths. It will take longer to reach certain goals. Expect that. Don’t obsess over how long it is taking to reach a goal. Instead, focus on the day to day progress that is being made.

Make 2018 your own personal Olympics. Start with a desire to reach a fitness goal like, lose 20 pounds , build strength or improve you cardiovascular health. Next, add a plan and establish a routine. Track your progress and celebrate the daily victories.

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