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Types of Zumba Classes

With so many different types of Zumba® classes at AFC Fitness, there’s an exercise party for everyone. Zumba students of every age can get moving to a rockin’ class that fits their needs. Call your AFC Fitness club to get the current schedule and classes offered.

Zumba® class is a combination of dance and fitness moves done to a background of exhilarating, international rhythms. The Zumba® formula is 70% Latin music and 30% of anything else. A typical Zumba® class will feature merengue, salsa, cha-cha, reggaeton, bachata, samba, soca, hip-hop, bellydance, bhangra. The overall effect is that exercise feels more like a party than working out at the gym.

Zumba Gold® is modified to the moves and pace to suit the needs of participants young and old, and for the ones that are just starting out to exercise. it is also great for beginners as well. Zumba Gold also offers chair choreography for individuals with physical limitations. What stays the same are all the elements the Zumba Fitness – party is known for.

Zumbatomic® class is geared towards kids ages 4 thru 12. Zumbatomic® features kid-friendly routines using music that kids love such as hip-hop, reggaeton and cumbia, giving the kids an exercise experience that they will love!

Zumba®Toning – This class combines the basic, cardio moves of a Zumba® class with body-sculpting exercises using toning sticks. The toning sticks are lightweight, maraca-like dumbbells.

Zumba®Gold-Toning – Combining the Zumba®Gold class with the Zumba®Toning class, this class incorporates lightweight, resistance training into the cardio program for beginners young and old to build muscle strength.The toning sticks are lightweight, maraca-like dumbbells.

AquaZumba® – This is a water based exercise class performed in a pool. Using the same exhilarating music and dance-fitness moves, participants receive cardio conditioning and body toning benefits from the resistance of the water.