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What is Barre Class and Is It Worth All the Hype?

Whether you are up to date on fitness trends or not, chances are you have heard about Barre Classes being all the rage lately.

Barre is definitely a current trend but does it deliver results, too? The answer from so many is yes – it really does give RESULTS!

What is Barre?

The Barre workout is designed to give you a definitive lean dancer physique. The Barre method combines elements of ballet, Pilates and yoga. It is created around the ballet bar and floor-based exercises that draw mainly on the use of your own bodyweight for resistance, core strength, control, flexibility and balance. The bar, hand weights, pilates ball and yoga strap are used to achieve these movements.

What Happens in the Class?

You don’t have to be a ballerina! In fact, no previous ballet is necessary. The class begins with a warm-up, getting the body started, then the upper body is warmed up using the light hand weights as well as your own bodyweight for press-ups and planks. Moving over to the Bar. The Barre is used for standing exercises mainly, focusing mostly on the lower body (thighs and butt), then moving on to the floor exercises underneath the Barre, using the Barre for core and lower body exercises. Isolating and moving on to each area of the body, stretching first then strengthening. The class comes to an end with a cool down.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, each Barre class is flexible – there are changes and progressions along the way so you get the most out of a workout!

What should I wear to the Barre Class?

You will be moving and stretching in a wide range of motions so wear comfortable clothing that you can freely move in. The classes are taken with no shoes so a pair of socks with grips on the soles and toes come in handy. Besides that, you don’t need to bring anything else to class.

The Barre Benefits

Most Barre classes focus on correct form and the small focused movements that target specific muscle groups that you’re not used to using. You’ll definitely feel that you’re using them. When you feel that burn you know you’re doing it right.

Working the muscles until they’re tired and then stretching them will create that long, lean, lengthened look for the whole body.