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Zumba Classes Are Effective Cardio Workouts

As your body gets familiar to a particular piece of gym equipment or fitness routine, you may see that your weight loss begins to slow down. Figuring out a new alternative fitness routine that you like can be hard, and keeping to it can be even harder. But now there are Zumba Classes in Philadelphia for every fitness level at AFC Fitness centers.

For years, the Latin based aerobic dance and fitness workout Zumba has become one of the favorite exercise classes among gym members. All the rage in fitness centers and gyms in Philadelphia for its focus on fun, high energy fitness, a Zumba workout can burn calories, help you lose weight and tone legs and arms. Zumba classes fuse Latin music with dance rhythms to make exercise fun.

How many calories are burned in Zumba dance classes?

Zumba classes come in many levels, and calorie burn from a Zumba session depends on a person’s weight, fitness level and muscle development and strength. During an hour of a Zumba fitness class you can expect to burn anywhere from 250 to 550 calories or more depending on the intensity of your Zumba class and Zumba instructor level.

Where can I find Zumba classes in my area?

You can join a Zumba class at any AFC Fitness gym. Our gym locations are near Abington, Northeast Philadelphia, Lower Merion and Southampton. Our fitness centers are also conveniently located on the Main Line in Bala Cynwyd, the Huntingdon Valley area, and a gym in Jenkintown, PA. AFC Fitness offers a free trial Zumba class here. Visit the Zumba page for information on a Zumba class near you.

What can I expect from a Zumba class?

Zumba is an effective, calorie burning dance exercise class that generally lasts about an hour, and includes a combination of Latin American moves, hip-hop, other dance styles. Zumba instructors are certified and each will customize their own fitness class, keeping to the essentials of Zumba to provide an aerobic and muscle toning workout. The entire body moves in a Zumba class, helping to burn calories and therefore burn fat. As with any group fitness class, make sure that the instructor is experienced, and certified if necessary to teach Zumba.

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