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3 Tips For Getting Through a Weight-Loss Plateau

So many of us have been there. You started strong – exercising and eating healthier than ever while you saw your weight consistently go down. But now your weight-loss has come to a standstill. But before you get down on yourself, you might just need some fresh thinking to get back on track.

Here are some healthy eating tips that can help break through a weight-loss plateau.

Your diet should include mostly plant-based foods
Ask any dietitian at AFC Fitness and they’ll tell you that most of your diet should be vegetables. After vegetables, you need to have fresh fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds and whole grains. Take a look at what you’re eating and make sure most of what you take in are plant-based foods.

When eating meat choose lean sources of protein like chicken and turkey breast, eggs, and fish. If you eat beef, look for 90 percent lean or better. If you eat dairy products, choose non-fat or reduced-fat. These choices in protein will help reduce saturated fat and calories.

Use a food journal
Updating a food journal daily can help show what unhealthy choices are preventing you from losing weight. Observing your eating habits will help you avoid the handful of candies at the office or using too much dressing on your salad.

Many health-related mobile apps have food tracking built in. MyFitnessPal is a popular app that makes it easy to keep a food journal.

However, having a food journal won’t work unless you’re truthful. So, note every food and track every bite and snack. People often forget about the little snacks than can keep them from losing weight which leads us to our next tip…

Make better snack choices
Eating a snack between meals can control hunger so that you don’t overeat during lunch or dinner. But snacking too much can add pounds, especially when taking in foods of low nutritional value. If you’re going to snack between meals, choose smaller amounts and look for foods high in fiber and protein, including nuts, no added sugar Greek yogurt with berries, apple with almond or peanut butter, and veggies and hummus.

These tips will help you choose foods that pack in nutrients without packing on pounds.

If you would like a comprehensive eating plan created just for you, AFC registered dietitians are here to help. Each new AFC member receives a free onboarding session with a dietitian. Learn more about AFC’s dietitians and nutritionists.