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Fitness and Wellness Trends in 2020

Enjoy the read and we hope it helps you add something new to your fitness and wellness routine in 2020!

Variety is the spice of life
The saying applies to exercising, too. As boutique studios were all the rage a few years ago, we saw specialized spinning studios, yoga studios and treadmill studios pop up everywhere. And then they closed just as fast as they opened. That’s because people are looking for a variety of exercises and workouts to keep them motivated rather than doing the same old class day-after-day. Most can benefit from an assortment of classes and workouts designed to build strength, improve cardio vascular health and rejuvenate the mind and body. AFC Fitness helps you mix it up with a wide variety including: racquetball, HIIT (high intensity interval training), spinning, swimming, yoga, meditation, and indoor tennis, all in one day if you really wanted to! Fitness enthusiasts will fall in love with the selection of equipment, fitness classes and indoor sports available at AFC Fitness in Feasterville and AFC Fitness in Bala Cynwyd.

Not just exercise
In 2020, we’re seeing members use AFC fitness locations as a place for more than just exercise. They meet friends here, have a drink at our coffee bars, rejuvenate in the saunas and steam rooms and even catch up on some work. The gym is a healthy and positive space filled with like-minded people with lots in common. That’s why we have cozy spaces throughout the club where you can chat with a buddy after a workout or relax while you check your phone. Start your day with a class in the morning, refresh with luxurious amenities like hot towel service, then grab a cup of fresh roasted coffee while you prepare for the day’s agenda.

More people are practicing mindfulness in their workouts
With more demands on our time than ever before, attention to mindfulness and mental health are on the rise. In 2020, how people care for their souls and spend their valuable me-time will be more important than ever. A class with yoga, focused breathing and meditation has been shown to help improve mental health. Mindfulness is on the rise and AFC is at the forefront with more yoga and meditation classes than ever before. It’s time for complete mind and body wellness in year 2020!

Team building
The way we build teamwork among coworkers is changing. Meeting out for happy hour is fading away, meanwhile we’re beginning to see lunchtime spin classes and after-hours workouts with colleagues growing fast. Working out with coworkers increases team connection and improves work culture and AFC is definitely embracing this movement – every weekday you can find employees from nearby companies meeting at AFC for lunchtime basketball in Feasterville or burning some cals with the gals in a popping Zumba class at AFC Fitness in Bala Cynwyd.

How we get together with friends is changing too. 2020 will bring on group fitness classes that gather friends together in a more positive, meaningful way, where they exercise together to gain strength and burn off calories. Attending classes at the gym is also an excellent way to meet new friends. And, AFC Fitness is the real world, don’t expect classes full of Instagram models here. You’ll be with like-minded people who are committed to living healthier lives. So, going to the gym will allow you to feel comfortable and confident.

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