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IGNITE Group Fitness Training at AFC Fitness in Feasterville

Attend a free IGNITE group training session at AFC Fitness in Feasterville. Contact the front desk for session times. Call 215-355-2700.

Torch up to 800 calories in one hour: this is 22% of 1 pound!

What is IGNITE?

IGNITE is functional group training led by certified personal trainers, using TRX suspensions, battle ropes, kettlebells, sand bags, and other functional modalities designed to burn fat and build muscle simultaneously.

Workouts consist of fun, high energy, as well as high intensity intervals designed to torch up 800 calories in one hour: this is 22% of 1 pound!!! We all can agree that burning calories during your workout is awesome, but training in IGNITE sessions ensure that you keep burning those calories long after you’ve left the gym! That’s a win-win—especially if fat loss is your goal. For those of you who need some more convincing, research excess post-oxygen consumption (EPOC), or the “afterburn effect.” our IGNITE coaches will be sure to push your physical boundaries to IGNITE your caloric burn.

Let’s talk about the actual session: The first 10 minutes is used for instruction and explanation of each station, the next 45 minutes is used for work, and the last 5 minutes is used for a cool down. If you are wondering, “how is this different from what I do in the gym already?”

IGNITE is designed into 2 categories – BURN and BUILD.

“BURN” (cardio focused): These sessions will focus on maintaining consistent high intensity intervals that are designed to get your heart rate up and keeping it there for an allotted amount of time. These sessions will incorporate the entire body but will be focused on burning calories.

“BUILD” (strength focused): These sessions will focus on lower cardiovascular intensity & will push your muscles. Expect to lift, push, move, and hold weights (whether that’s your own body weight, or added weight that is provided.) Don’t worry ladies, you won’t leave looking like Arnold. These sessions will be either total body, upper body or lower body dominant sessions. Now, doesn’t that sound like something you should be a part of?

“What about my core! I want those chiseled abs!” Your coach will show you how to engage your core in every exercise that you perform in BURN or BUILD, as well as throw some direct core workouts in the mix.

Coaches also provide any modifications you may need, making this class an option for ALL ages and fitness levels.

How much does it cost?

$49 per month. When you purchase the package for IGNITE, you will receive unlimited access to IGNITE sessions (20 sessions a week!). Over time, you will learn so many more exercises to incorporate into your own routine as well as know the proper form to ensure you are safe during your workouts. Also, don’t forget about that EPOC “afterburn effect” we told you to research earlier- totally worth the $49, cancellable at any time. If you come to IGNITE 3 times each week, this is only $3.33 per class! You can’t beat that!

If you have any questions or would like to do a free trial session, call the front desk at AFC Fitness in Feasterville at 215-355-2700.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a comprehensive plan to lose weight and keep it off then consider a complimentary consultation with our nutrition and weight loss coaches. Our weight loss programs combine nutrition, fitness and motivational expertise to help people completely transform their lives.