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Mental Health Benefits of Exercising at a Gym – the Power of People

The physical benefits of exercising at a gym are well known – better heart function, toned and lean body, improved blood pressure, and less chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes. However, the mental and social health benefits of working out at a gym can be just as beneficial as the physical.

AFC Fitness members often tell us about the social support at the gym and how it’s just as important to them as their workout.

So, we looked into the different types of interactions among members, and between staff and members, and found the same thing in common among all of them – as people interact with others while exercising and improving their fitness levels, the result can be a positive effect on their mental health. We highlight a few mental health benefits of exercising at the gym below.

3 Mental Health Benefits of Exercising at the Gym

A Cure for Loneliness – Loneliness kills so many exercise plans. Exercising away from a gym can be a lonely experience, leaving you vulnerable to the voice in your head that might tell you to give up. As you push yourself more the voice gets louder.  However, at a gym you’re not alone. All it takes is a friend, a trainer, or a classmate to say “you can do this” to keep you on track. The power of teamwork can be invigorating as inspiration overwhelms you, making exercise fun and more enjoyable.

A Happiness Workout – Can a workout at a gym stimulate the body and mind and provide true happiness? The answer is yes and here’s why. During sustained periods of exercise, your body produces endorphins, which are the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Now add positive interactions with like-minded people at the gym, also working on their fitness, and you have a recipe for creating your happy zone.

Encouraging Exercise Habits – And the benefits don’t stop at the end of a workout. The feel-good sensations can create a positive habit that brings you back for another workout, and another, and ultimately a new positive exercise habit has been born. Before you know it, you’re putting in twice the effort to get leaner and stronger, but also improving your overall mental health and outlook. Forming these positive exercise habits can be particularly important to those who may struggle with exercising consistently.

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