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The Many Benefits of Gyms with Pools

Indoor pools in gyms are a great year-round resource for aquatic exercise which has many health benefits for the mind and body, including: improved cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone, along with helping to maintain a healthy weight, and having a positive effect on our mental health, too.

Here are 5 benefits of gyms with indoor pools:

Always Available
Whether it’s hot or cold outside, indoor pools can be quite welcoming and always available. A weekly workout in the pool can also add variety to your traditional cardio and strength exercises. A 30-minute session in the pool will help you reach the recommended 150 minutes of physical activity per week.

Swimming is a Whole-body Workout.
From your arms to legs and everything in between, swimming in a pool at the gym is one of the few activities that engages all major muscle groups. The variety of swimming strokes and movements do an excellent job of reaching the hard to target core and back muscles, too.

Anyone Can Participate
Swimming in the fitness center pool is suitable for all ages and levels. Whether you were on a swim team at some point or never swam a lap in your life, there are many options for exercising in a pool. Kickboards are a great way for a non-swimmer to get an effective workout in the pool. Even professional swimmers train with kickboards to strengthen their core, butt, and legs. At the pools inside AFC Fitness health clubs, we offer beginners’ swimming lessons for all ages, including adult-only, so even those new to swimming can get started.

Alternatives to Swimming – Aqua Aerobics
Aquatic aerobic classes are an alternative to swimming but still provide many benefits of exercising in pools like buoyancy, being easy on the joints, and cooler workouts. The aquatic classes at AFC Fitness work on range of motion, flexibility and strengthening exercises in a class type setting in the fitness center pool. Aquatic classes vary in intensity from beginners to the intermediate and advanced exerciser and can be challenging enough to help reach new fitness levels by working out in the water!

Improved Mental Health
Research shows that simply being in and near water can be healing. People use the restorative power of a health club pool in many different ways – some attempt to beat their personal best lap time while others enjoy a relaxed swim, while still others take part in an aqua aerobics class with friends. Indoor pools in gyms provide that choice year-round. And if spending time in the pool becomes a regular part of an exercise routine, then it could have an impact on a person’s overall wellbeing.

Are you looking for a fun, relaxing and effective workout to build strength and get fit? Try swimming or aquatic aerobic classes in our indoor pools at AFC Fitness centers. Start a free 30-day gym trial today!