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Two Functional Training Movements to Add to Your Workouts

If you don’t know already, Functional Training is the principle that exercise movements should closely mimic real-life movements. An example of the connection between daily tasks and an exercise could be picking up a box and putting it on a high shelf. Where the matching exercise could be a squat with a shoulder press at the top. Another example could be doing lunges to help you climb stairs easier.

Functional training movements are also a great addition to your weight loss regimen because they consume more energy than doing a standard bicep curl, for example, due to the amount of muscles activated in each movement.

The two functional exercises below should be part of your everyday routine. After you have tried them, check in with our personal trainers to learn a few more. You can get a Free 30 Day Trial to AFC Fitness here.

Body Weight Squat

A great movement for warming up before your regular workout is the weight-less squat, aka the body weight squat. You can do this exercise as part of your pre-workout routine or as part of your regular workout to increase flexibility, develop strength in the legs and for overall mobility.

This body weight functional training exercise is broken down into 2 steps:

  1. From standing position, feet about shoulder width apart, with arms out and palms up, slowly squat down into a deep squat (breathe out)
  2. Return to the standing position (breathe in). Pay attention to your breathing. Only move as fast as your breathing will let you.

Alternate modification if needed: use a chair at the bottom squatting position to help support you.

Healthy tip: Work slowly into and out of the squat position. Also, do the kegel squeeze to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles while doing body weight squats.

Workout Example on Youtube:

Turkish Get Up With Kettlebell

Everyone from professional athletes to senior citizens can benefit from the this supreme full-body functional training movement called the Turkish Get Up. This exercise goes way beyond its unforgettable name. The Turkish Get Up increases strength all over and is an effective workout to help people with balance problems, and many other physical issues. In fact, it might be the favorite movement among those new to the functional training practice because of the whole-body workout.

The improvements and strength gained from this exercise can be noticeable in just a short time because of the non-typical form and series of movements.

The Turkish Get Up exercise works well with a kettlebell or results can be just as effective with a dumbbell. Exercisers new to the Get Up should practice the movement without weights for the first time to establish proper form. As with any exercise, adding weight gradually is recommended to avoid injury and maintain form.

Alternate Modification: Since the Turkish Get Up is made up of several individual movements combined, newbies and exercisers needing extra help can perform the individual movements until their strength is ready to do the series of movements.

Workout Example on Youtube:

After you have tried these, check in with our personal trainers to learn a few more functional training exercises. You can get a Free 30 Day Trial to AFC Fitness in Bala Cynwyd or Feasterville.