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Why going to the gym is important during COVID-19

It’s seems just about everyone is teasing about the “Quarantine 15,” stress eating, and the emotions in our country right now. But in all seriousness, we really need to take care of our physical and mental health as the pandemic lingers on.

Handling Covid might be new for us, but obesity has been an emergency for years now. According to the CDC, 65.9% percent of Pennsylvania adults are overweight or obese. Now add to that people have been isolating for months and you can conclude the percentage is rising. Additionally, approximately 1.45 million people in Pennsylvania have diabetes, the leading cause of death is heart disease, and 32.6% of adults have high blood pressure.

Based on those statistics alone it’s undebatable that we need to encourage people to be more active, lose weight and improve underlying health conditions. To help make this possible during Covid, we’ve changed everything at the gym to allow for safe workouts (more about changes below). When our members feel safe they can get into a goal-crushing mindset rather than worrying. Combine a determined mindset with professional fitness equipment and proper guidance from instructors and it’s easy to see why working out at the gym is so effective.

But physical health isn’t the only challenge during Covid. Quarantining and isolation have limited people’s interactions with others, causing a rise in mental health issues. The CDC is reporting that 40% of Americans have struggled with mental health or substance abuse issues during COVID-19.

It’s clear that psychological health is just as important as physical health which proves where you work out should be more than just a place to exercise. For 30 years, AFC Fitness clubs have been where generations of locals meet, laugh, and share life’s moments with likeminded people also focused on healthy living. Today, we’re just meeting each other in a safer way. With two huge fitness complexes at 110,000 and 88,000 square feet, outside training areas, virtual classes, and safe indoor training areas, we’ve rethought everything to allow for social distancing. Additionally, our new CDC-accepted safety procedures are now active.

Safe fitness options mixed with the positive support of our instructors and members are exactly what everyone needs right now. So, make self-care a priority and head to AFC Fitness – the local escape for wellness, friendships, and that precious “me-time” we all deserve.