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PADELphia History

What is padel?

PADEL combines elements of tennis, squash, racquetball, and platform tennis into one unique fast moving game. It is truly the Swiss Army knife of racquet sports. It has been said that if tennis is checkers, Padel is chess. Padel is easy to learn and hard to master. Social, fun, competitive and addictive are all words used to describe the sport.

First played in Mexico in 1969, the game has become huge in Europe. With 12 million players around the world and over 30,000 courts, padel is one of the fastest growing sports today. Played mostly in doubles, this sport uses a solid racquet with no strings. While padel is scored like tennis, the court is smaller and allows for the use of the glass walls as part of the game.

Learn more with this video from the USPTA!

Take a look back at the success of PADELphia Venice Island!

Introducing the city of Philadelphia to a brand new sport is no small feat! We’re proud to show off the initial unveiling of the sport of padel from our pop-up club in 2019!

  • First ever pop-up padel club in the USA which was open for 6 weeks
  • 500+ players tried padel, including 50 kids
  • ARS/AFP Academy USPTA Certifications completed
  • Successful “Intro to Padel” program experience for Racquet Sports Professionals
  • 8 Club Intercity Padel Challenge Club Tournament
  • Variety of corporate events & sponsorships, weekly lessons & clinics provided
  • Local & international news coverage

Revisit some of the media attention PADELphia received!

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Partners from the Event!


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