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Bala Cynwyd 610-664-6464

Feasterville 215-355-2700

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PADELphia Membership

Membership has perks! PADELphia offers different levels of membership, so that you can experience the best of padel playing, the wellness experience and the social aspect of the game all in one! With your padel membership, get on the court for less!

So much more than padel! With the lounge areas, a mezzanine and padel suite - you can come to play and stay to work, socialize or relax. If you're looking to expand your horizons from just padel, check out our partnership with AFC Fitness. By adding on a fitness membership to padel, you've got unlimited access to equipment, machines, group exercise classes, therapy pools, turf space and so much more!

Get On The Court

PADELphia Standard Membership

With this membership tier, you’ll be signed up for discounted court rental time! Experience the fun action on the courts for 50% off normal rental rates. PADELphia Membership is $40/month.

Standard Membership

PADELphia All Access Membership

This membership tier is a step up! With this membership, all of your court rental fees are included. This membership rate is $250.

All Access Membership

PADELphia Pay-to-Play Membership

Pay to Play! You can rent our padel courts without being a member! Just create a Club Locker account to affiliate yourself with Padelphia and start booking. Non-Member Rates at $80/hour will apply. All reservations must be made through Club Locker.


Sign up for Club Locker with our easy click through links above and you’ll be set up and ready for booking!

Booking Note: If all spots are not reserved & paid for at beginning of reservation time, open spots will be charged to booking member.