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5 Helpful Hacks to Stay Motivated at the Gym

Whether you are a newcomer to the fitness community or an experienced athlete, you know that starting a new exercise routine provides fresh surges of energy and inspiration. However, it can be difficult to maintain the same motivation and drive after a couple months of working out. Here are 5 helpful hacks to get you motivated again and back on track to reaching your goals.

1. Add milestone events to your plan
What is your reason for going to the gym again? To get thin or strong? Maybe reach a certain weight? While important, these types of goals may be too vague and far reaching. They can also seem unobtainable, make you lose faith in your plan and get off track. Instead, have you got a vacation planned and want to look your best? A school reunion or wedding on the horizon? Whatever the event, the answer is the same. Adding milestone events like these to your calendar and aligning your fitness objectives to them, will make you more likely to achieve your fitness goals. Try adding milestone events to your workout calendar and feel the extra motivation and see the results!

2. Give yourself little rewards frequently.
Come up with a reward system for yourself. As you put more effort in to going to the gym regularly, give yourself a treat after a certain amount of successful training days or after you try a new class. A reward can help encourage you to do more workouts. Whether it is a new shirt from that store you’ve been eyeing, binge watching your favorite series on Netflix, or going out for a not so healthy meal, you’ve earned it! Having balance makes you happy and being happy keeps you motivated.

3. Workout with a friend.
We’ve seen it thousands of times at AFC – people working out side-by-side helps them stay motivated. Not only from a social aspect but additional benefits are – not wanting to let your buddy down and competitive spirit between friends which can increase results.

Another option here is group training. Check out our Small Group Training program which is the perfect remedy for motivation problems. AFC’s Small Group Training combines social, variety of exercises, coaches and results!

4. Take a new tour of the gym.
If you’ve been going to the gym for a while, you’re probably set in a routine. It might not be the best routine, however. To make sure you are maximizing the available exercise options, ask one of the personal trainers to take you through the facility, equipment, classes and re-introduce you to the instructors. At AFC, each member gets two free personal training sessions to help you design a fitness program that will target the areas you want to improve. They’ll also teach you how to measure your progress.

5. Inject fun in to your workout.
So, if you’ve been doing endless planks and crunches and hitting the same tedious workouts for months, maybe years, it may be time to have fun! AFC Fitness offer a wide range of fitness classes which can vary from Zumba, to aquatics, yoga to spinning, boxing to barre and many more. Give it a go and inject a bit of fun into your health and fitness!

Using these simple motivational hacks can help you be on your way to achieving your health and fitness goals and becoming a regular again at the gym! Happy workouts are in your future!