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How To Calculate Your Ideal Body Weight

Maybe it’s the number you weighed in college, or a figure that just “feels right.” Chances are you probably have an ideal body weight in mind, a magical number that you’re aiming for or sticking to. But which number is an ideal weight for your health?

Figuring out your ideal weight is an important step when trying to lose weight and improve your well-being. But there are literally thousands of weight calculators, apps and online tools proclaiming to be the most accurate. So, which method is the best?

We sorted through the top weight estimating resources online (so you don’t have to). What we found is that no single resource provided a definitive answer to “what is my ideal weight?” However, we did conclude that combining results from a few proven resources was the best way to find a target healthy weight range.

The following weight estimation tools and methods are some of the most used among health care professionals.

Metropolitan Life Insurance Chart
One of the most trusted sources for ideal weight ranges is the Metropolitan Life Insurance Chart, which takes body frame size and height into consideration when calculating an ideal weight range. Health professionals have been using this chart for over 50 years. Through the decades there have been several revisions, but it is largely the same chart as the original.

U.S. Department of Health BMI Calculator
Knowing your Body Mass Index number is another way to figure out a healthy weight range for yourself. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services offers an online BMI calculator and helpful resources explaining the different ranges. They also have BMI apps for iOS and Android devices.

Waist Size – To – Height Method
Another popular way of determining a healthy weight range is the waist size-to-height method. A popular tool is on

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What Can You Do To Get In Your Ideal Weight Range?

Once you have your ideal weight range figured out, using the resources above, switch your focus to making better choices for your well-being. Focus on living healthily – exercising consistently, eating healthy foods, keeping your daily calories in-check, decreasing stress, and getting quality sleep. By concentrating on the day-to-day process of healthy living, rather than a distant weight number, managing your weight becomes more enjoyable. Be consistent and your ideal weight will come sooner than you think.

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